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Story Starters

In class we have been doing story starters. Story starters are an engaging sentence to start a story. We use some of our spelling words to make story starters, here are some examples. . We have to figure out a code to get to the next room. .The door open what was inside? . What’s…

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Mental Health

Mental Health is very important to look after your self and other people. We need do stuff that makes us happy and maybe some places that you like or feel comfortable in. Some of the things that make me happy is hanging out with my friends, basketball, swimming, family, cooking, travelling, music, Christmas, that is…

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My Weekend

Hello! This is my weekend it started like this…  It was after school on Friday Kalee and I were going to the shops to buy stuff for the sleepover. After we went on our phones my friend needed to get ready for her football game. When we got in to the car to pick up…

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Weighting Around

In class we have been learning how to heft. Hefting is where you develop on your estimating.  Hefting is where you put an object in your hand and guess what the weight is. I thought a soccer ball was 1.5kilos but it was actually only 427grams.  When we were weighing all the objects we could…

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Cinquian Poem

In Class we have been learning about cinquain poems. Cinquain poems are where there are 5 lines. The first line needs 2 syllables, the second line needs 4 syllables, the third line needs 6, the 4th line needs 8 and the last one needs 2. My cinquain poem is called Jet Boat. Get set Spin…

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